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All artists know that the right tools are just as important as the right medium to express a moment of inspiration. In the same way, the right paint, finishes and brushes are as important as the right paint color. After all, when it comes to painting your home, a job well done is its own best reward.

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It’s only paint, you think. Fancy brands are just more expensive but not better, you surmise. Not necessarily. Europeans think about house paint in the same way it is said that a chic French women buys clothes. She will purchase infrequently but buy the highest quality and style she can afford. The cost is amortized over time because the clothing holds up beautifully. The same is true for paint.

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The right paint color is the cheapest and most effective design tool you have at your disposal. You would think that armed with a little guidance and knowledge, your choices will no doubt be perfect and perfectly beautiful. Maybe. You can still screw this up. The right color in the wrong place will inevitably look wrong.

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