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Tile Selection #2: Service Check

Can we assume that Cinderella was light on her feet and her glass slippers not a risk?

corrected glass tiles 3

Would you be as confident using glass tiles on the floor in a high traffic zone in your home?

Probably not.

Always consider maintenance. For high traffic areas, wouldn’t you benefit most with tiles that are easy to clean?

While solids are classic, very light colors like white and almond or very dark shades such as navy, black or chocolate brown will show any dirt or marks more easily. Just as troublesome is high-sheen tile as it will show pet and people footprints in dulled relief.

Ask for tile and grout color samples to take home. You should always view any design element you are considering in the environment where it’s intended for use, because light affects color perception radically. What looks great in a store could scare you at home as well as clash violently with the other design elements in the room.

Read Between the Lines: White grout is tired, old fashioned and actually not often in your best interest these days. White really pops out. If you aren’t very deliberate and mindful of the effect you want to produce, you will create a graphic design you didn’t intend by default. Grout comes in every imaginable shade so you will not want for creative options.

Good design is not accidental. It is very considered in every way.

Imagine this example: Let’s say you are planning a kitchen and have found a beautiful stone (man-made or otherwise) that runs to shades of beige with flecks of pale grey and pale green for the counter. You also “lucked” into finding a great subway tile in the same pale green shade as found in the counter material. The counter and tiles look like they were made for each other. So far, it’s great, but here’s where perfection can go very wrong. Choose white grout and it will nag for attention by visually shouting louder than the tiles and the counter. Instead, choose a grout color that blends with the beige in the counter material and you will have a lovely and harmonious solution.

More Opportunity Than Meets the Eye: Trips to your local tile dealers and hardware stores are essential to developing a good sense of what appeals to you and what’s available. Generally, you will find that the displayed options will be the same in some stores, but you might also see options that are unique to that store.

Of particular interest, are the astonishing new array of green materials used for tile as well as textures and colors that were never available in the past.

I recently came across the Modwall site. They offer an unusually rich resource for modern and colorful alternatives that you are unlikely to find with either retail or trade resources. Their recycled glass, pebble tiles, stainless steel and cork mosaic offerings are stunning and the greenest of green. They will send samples upon request.

It’s been said that great interior design is accomplished with roughly 10% inspiration and 90% perspiration. When it comes to finding that perfect tile(s), the reward of practical beauty that makes your space Fabulous, is well worth the pursuit.  Happy hunting!

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