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All Auctions Are Not Made The Same: Don’t let “caught by surprise” be part of the thrill of your purchase. Be clear about all the rules, regulations, terms, conditions, payment options and sales taxes due for every auction house whose sale you might be attending…before the auction.

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Often times interesting “stuff” is bundled with generic bric-a-brac and sold in lots as a means clearing out everything. It might be worth worthwhile to take the “junk” with the “jewel”, but evaluate carefully because lots won’t be split up at your request.

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Auctions Made Easy #1: Scary Territory

There are persistent mercantile myths about the dangers of auctions for the unwary patron which do not stand up to close scrutiny. Auctions are well worth the effort to investigate. If you are an auction virgin, knowing and understanding the process will make it easy for you to make savvy bids.

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