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Small Space Solutions #5: The Secret

The Keys To The Kingdom

The real key to living gracefully in a small home

is ingenuity in creating storage space.


Put drawers in and under everything possible. Use pocket doors. Build storage to fit alcoves, nooks and crannies. The end walls of long narrow rooms are often a good possibility too.

Commit Blasphemy. Closet space is sacred space to most of us, but consider whether you can gain valuable real estate by knocking out one or two and figuring out some other avenues for storage.

If you are desperate enough, you may finally get around to weeding out all the old junk and unwearable clothing.

Reconstructive Surgery. If you tear up at the prospect of killing a closet, and the closet in question is at least thirty-six inches deep, you are in luck. The back twelve inches can be fitted with adjustable shelves, (think shoes or maybe seasonal storage) while the front twenty-four inches can be dedicated to hanging clothes. Extra credit for using two clothing bars. The closet will hold double the number of your shorter items like shirts, jackets, skirts, and pants hung over the hanger cross rod.

Be Counter-Intuitive. Standard counter height is about thirty-six inches. Can you manage with a lower counter height? The lower the counter, the greater the illusion of a bigger space. In the same spirit, floor to ceiling cabinets are room-size killers because the ceiling surface is reduced.

Work those walls too. Install shelves in corner spaces and hang up as much as is reasonable, like the pots and pans or bedside lighting.

Shine A Light. While saving space and paring down is essential, don’t opt for recessed lighting (or any ceiling mounted lighting for that matter) any more than is absolutely necessary. Overhead lighting of this type is too much of a commercial look for homes.

More importantly, no one looks good under it.

There Is No Such Thing As Random Accident Chic. Whether your home is space deprived or spacious, thought must be given to all aspects of building the home design that’s perfect for you.

Every gesture you make should be considered. You’re better off with a few well-considered pieces of furniture rather than several small ones. If you have many favorite things that you don’t want to live without, how about the idea of rotating them in and out of the room a few times a year?  This is a great way to keep a fresh look.

Good Housekeeping 101. Be meticulous with not only in your choices, but (it must be said) with your housekeeping too.

Clutter is never a good look.

Always look for ways to edit as much as possible as an on-going activity. Find containers of some sort for all the small indispensables too. The old saying “a place for everything, and everything in its place” is one of the best home design mottos to live by.

In the end, it’s really not about size.

Any space large or small can be made beautiful and livable with your personal stamp on it. You can make it work, if you work it.

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