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Let’s say your floor is beyond redemption. The surface is too damaged for refinishing or painting. There is no way around it. You need a new floor. Here are a few great green products that you may not have thought of:

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In the tradition of “less is more”, beautiful floors without rugs are an elegant option. As a bonus, making use of an existing bare floor is inherently ecologically sound. The more often we continue to use what we have, the less wear, tear, stress and carbon footprint we leave on the environment. What can you do when your floors can no longer even be called “passable?

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Times like these bolster the argument that buying the best quality you can afford pays off in the long run. A higher quality product lasts longer and looks better while aging. The initial cost is amortized over time. The difference is that now there are other important criteria to consider when bringing new products into the home.

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