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You’ve found It. Now comes the fun part; engaging the dealer in a rousing game of Price-Tag Limbo, as in “How low can you go?” First, decide what your top dollar is and stick to it. Be ready to walk away. Ask the seller if the marked price is their “best price.” Offer less, and be ready for counteroffers. A knowledgeable buyer is always respected.

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If you want to be taken seriously by a vendor whose wares you covet, don’t act like a tourist,
even if you are actually shopping a foreign “flea”. Arrive early in the morning, when the market opens, just as the professionals do. Remember, a good scout is always prepared.

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Flea markets can be a great way to augment your collections or acquire unusual “objets” to retrofit into your current décor. There’s a lot to be said for developing the hang of thinking outside the box with regard to re-purposing just about everything in a clever way.

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