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Home Style Bloggers reported a trend recently

towards more masculine interiors than in the past.

 It seems men are working from home more now than ever.


 One can only hope.


Along with Pantone, the other harbinger of things to come in home decoration is the twice yearly High Point Furniture Market.  For more than a century, High Point, North Carolina has been known as the Furniture Fair Capital of the World and is regarded as a Crystal Ball in predicting home furnishings trends for the coming year. On display, are the home fashions on which each exhibitor has placed their stake and produced for the current market, in hopes of being competitively ahead of the curve and on top of consumer need and desire.

The race doesn’t always go to the swift and the strong, but that’s how you bet.

Pinocchio blogged too. What turns a trade show into mass marketing on a retail level is in the hands of bloggers reporting from location. Admittedly, this can be like the story of a car accident witnessed by 10 people and Everybody saw something different.

Still, there were a few trends mentioned by several observers:

  • Emphasis on menswear fabrics with a nostalgic or vintage feel. Upholstery dressed in this fashion was used in settings that implied a Men’s Club, or at least a Man Cave. To wit: there were dark woods, hides and leathers, hounds tooth, neck tie stripes and classic grey flannel.
  • Even a modern look is still referencing a “modern” of yesterday. The 60’s era Mad Men look seems to be morphing into a 70’s era expression, destination unknown.
  • Am I blue? Though Radiant Orchid is the color of the year, at Highpoint, it was blue running to teal. The color of the year apparently has soft boundaries. Saturated colors and color blocking are still big. Could Orange wall graphics and shag rugs boomerang back into fashion again soon?
  •  Art Deco sees yet another revival and there is lacquer everywhere. Along with this, layering of rich materials in a single piece was often seen. This could be a polished metal such as bronze or gold and embossed leather along with multiples of other textures and materials. The range of materials used is broad: Semi precious stones or finishes made to mimic, as well as Lucite, bone, shells and even woven cane.
  • Repurposed From Some Other Century.  The impetus towards a greener point of view over the past few years spawned a review of our notions about reclaimed and vintage home furnishings and décor. Recycled, upcycled and reclaimed are today’s home style buzz words, all in search and service of shrinking our individual carbon footprints.

This may be a good time to point out that just because an item can be reclaimed/recycled, doesn’t automatically mean it should be. If it was ugly junk before, time might not have improved its status. Just sayin’…

No need to compare and despair. The reported home design fashion trends are by no means a mandate. Your taste preferences may fall somewhere between “homiest home” to “show-stopper statement interior”, but to truly be a home you love to live in, let your home design grow and evolve over time, just as you do…or at least look that way.

The idea is to bring luxury into living every day, without being ostentatious. Make the experience of spending time at home something to look forward to, by seeing your home as your personal oasis of special comfort and pampering.

A reporter asked Joan Didion if she used her good silver every day.

“Every day is all there is”, she replied.


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For a look at the Fashion Trends reported on the Highpoint Market website, check here:



 In general, the mood of the country is always reflected

first in clothing and cosmetic styles,

closely followed by interior fashions.


Semantics of one color, light to dark: lavender, orchid, aubergine, eggplant, purple

Interior fashion isn’t like clothing fashion (usually),

when what you wear depends on your mood,

the weather and sometimes both.


It doesn’t change radically in sudden gestures. It morphs slowly over roughly 10 year increments. You have time to adjust and catch up from where ever you are. In the meantime, consistent with the fact that America remains one of the worlds’ leading authorities on capitalism, retailers in all fields want some means  to interpret and illustrate the national pulse.

They look for suggestions on which way the wind will blow next, and if possible, dress them up to move them along in the direction of the next great must have purchase.

One of the major barometers that retailers watch closely every year is the Pantone Color Institute. Designers and brands are polled about colors they’re featuring to aid in its decision for what hue will tinge the next 12 months.

The most anticipated, popular color serves as a kind of mood ring for the national frame of mind.

CARLSTADT, N.J., Dec. 5, 2013 – Pantone, today announced PANTONE® 18-3224 Radiant Orchid, as the Color of the Year 2014.

“Expressive, exotic Radiant Orchid blooms with confidence and warmth”

It’s going to be a good looking year, apparently. Rather than re-inventing the (color) wheel. Here are a few bits of Purple Prose directly from Pantone for you to assess as you see fit. Visit here for the Pantone report:

Radiant Orchid for Beauty:A modern and surprisingly versatile shade, Radiant Orchid enlivens the skin, making all who wear it feel more healthy and energetic. Blending both cool and warm undertones, purple is an appealing hue for distinctive combinations and flattering to many hair, eye and skin tones. This multifaceted hue is seductive when combined with red and pairs well with its sister shades of lavender, purple and pink, which provides an assortment of lipstick and blush options. Radiant Orchid’s exuberance also acts as a brilliant finishing touch to nails.
Radiant Orchid for Fashion
.A dazzling attention-getter, Radiant Orchid permeated the runways during the spring 2014 fashion shows and is already making its way onto the red carpet. It’s expected that variations of this hue will carry into men’s and women’s clothing and accessories throughout next year too.”

Try this at home? Pantone goes on to suggest Radiant Orchid for paint color, accent pieces and accessories. That it complements olive and deeper hunter greens, and is particularly gorgeous with turquoise, teal and even light yellows.

It shouldn’t go without saying. While color neutral environments based on gray, beige and taupe have been Interior Fashion Darlings since the 90‘s, a little Radiant Orchid sprinkled about could have the effect of “re-energizing and unifying diverse spaces while lending an uplifting effect.”

It’s a family of colors. Though Pantone has singled out Radiant Orchid as the magical color that speaks to the National State of Mind (such as it is) this year, it’s good to remember that it’s a shade of  Purple. It’s composed, basically of Red and Blue in some proportions, with white to lighten the mix as called for.

50 Shades of lilac/orchid/purple, etc…Regardless of the final color, it will have an effect on your mood whether you wear it or live with it around your home.

  •  Going to the Dark Side: Purple/Eggplant/Aubergine still equals magic, creativity, joy, luxury and sex. The effect of purple can be uplifting and calming simultaneously.  It even offers a sense of spirituality and mysticism.
  • Or Lighten up: Lilac says femininity and spirituality. There is an implicit dreamy quality about lilac and it’s sometimes associated with a mythical, mystical twilight zone between heaven and sky. If you’re looking to invoke a calm sanctuary for your bedroom/bath area, lilac is a good bet.

By the way, studies show that if you are very creative, eccentric and/or a teenage girl, this might be your favorite color.

Next time: Design Trends Now & Then #2: This Year’s Model

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The owner and his family had moved out months ago, leaving a few chairs in the living room and some of the furniture in the bedrooms.

He thought that this would be enough to give prospective buyers a good idea of how the spaces could be used. Though the apartment was large, in great shape and located in prime real estate territory, only a few feeble offers were extended.

Living Room Before

Living Room Before

In reality, effective home staging is an art form. The idea is to create an image of a beautiful home in such a way that a prospective buyer can see themselves living there. The rudiments of good interior styling plus a flair for making a room attractive without a personal stamp are key. Like reading a great book, the viewer’s imagination paints a picture of themselves in the attractive surroundings that could be theirs.

An offer was made and accepted within three weeks of professional staging.

Living Room After

Living Room After

Living Room After


Staging is the greatest marketing tool available to sell your home quickly and for the highest price.


Entry Hall Before

Entry Hall Before


Entry Hall After

Entry Hall After



Dining Room Before

Dining Room Before


Dining Room After

Dining Room After

Master Bedroom Before

Master Bedroom Before


2550 mb after

Master Bedroom After


Daughter's Bedroom Before

Daughter’s Bedroom Before


Daughter's Bedroom After

Daughter’s Bedroom After


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