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The real key to mixing high end with “flea market” finds successfully is to learn to actually see what you are looking at. Make choices based on relatedness, proportion and so forth.

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Your living quarters will be more interesting with the addition of furnishings used creatively and/or “off label”. Add a little glamour to modest surroundings and you’ll look like a genius. Conversely, mix the right flea market find into a pedigreed setting and your “cool home” quotient will go off the charts. Who knows? A little slumming could produce a stunner.

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You’ve found It. Now comes the fun part; engaging the dealer in a rousing game of Price-Tag Limbo, as in “How low can you go?” First, decide what your top dollar is and stick to it. Be ready to walk away. Ask the seller if the marked price is their “best price.” Offer less, and be ready for counteroffers. A knowledgeable buyer is always respected.

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