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Both a blessing and a curse, this client had lucked into a rent stabilized studio in a doorman building, located in a great neighborhood. Though the building itself had it’s charms, the apartment was under 400 square feet with no light and a view of the apartments across the stairwell. It’s remarkable what can be done with color, burlap and matchstick blinds from Chinatown.

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Before you dash out in search of the world’s wonders, use a punch-list to determine the actual state of your interior affairs. It’s most important to understand that every gesture you make in a room is relevant. Each element contributes, or not, to the success of the over-all big picture of a beautiful, comfortable home.

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We hesitate to repaint our rooms, even though the original color maybe in question because of the “every day living soot” that’s accumulated on the surface. Why? Because we know from experience that even if painters are hired to do the deed for you, painting even just one room can be a life disrupting hassle, bracketed by questions and indecision. What color? What color goes where? Which finish? And even, which paint: Does it pay to splurge on premium brands? Take heart, clarity is about to be delivered.

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