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Bathroom Renovation #4: Modern Love

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If you have been blessed by the housing gods with a large bathroom, don’t treat it like a rented utility at a Holiday Inn.


Real rooms have real furniture. A chaise with cushions slip-covered in terry cloth equals lux for a lounge lizard. Have a bookcase and/or a pair of vintage boudoir lamps for your stand-alone make-up table. You can have a fireplace too.

Luxury Is Convenience Spelled Differently. Even a tiny bathroom can often accommodate a little stool by the bath to be used for an end table.

Make “Live well in every room” your guiding mantra. Make sure your towel bar is within easy reach of the shower or tub. If there is no room for a towel bar or constantly folding the towels over the bars seems too much like the task of Sisyphus, go for hooks instead. One double hook for each household member will provide a means to hang both a robe and a towel.

Will that be q-tips with your shot glass, sir? A soft rug, lots of good fluffy towels and nice soap go a long way towards making a visit to your bathroom an uplifting experience. Extra hand towels in a decorative bowl add bursts of color, combining beauty with utility…but don’t stop there.

  • Speaking of towels, Go for the best towels you can afford. 100% Turkish cotton is hard to beat. Avoid the five piece plush bathroom sets…those fluffy toilet seat and tank doilies are particularly hateful.
  • Art belongs in the bathroom too, although you may want to display the million dollar Matisse elsewhere. Just remember to ventilate by opening a window and leaving the door ajar at least an hour after you shower or otherwise steam it up in there.
  • Even the most ordinary grooming tools look better in a pretty container. Even the hairpins look fancy in a short bud vase. Be resourceful. A great vintage ashtray could make a terrific looking soap dish.  Use trays to corral loose items and create a pleasing composition on the counter or top of the toilet tank.
  • A bathtub tray is indispensable for your soaking comfort. You’ll want a place for those lush soaps, oils, gels, bubble bath preparations, natural sponges, foot and nail grooming tools and of course a place to hold your book.

Best luxury of all….time for yourself.

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