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Feng Shui: Practical Magic For Your Home

Given the anxious times we live in, it’s a comforting thought that protection and good fortune can be insured by a kind of “Home Design Rabbit’s Foot”


Let’s consider the primary principle of each of these two disciplines:

At its most basic, the point of modern home design is to increase one’s sense of well being through organization, composition, efficiency and beauty.   With the ancient art of Feng Shui the object is to improve every aspect of your life by enhancing your environment according to principles of harmony and energy flow.  These two art forms are so similar in fundamental principle, they easily overlap in certain ways.  They both address improving one’s life through improving one’s environment …superstition optional. The words “Feng Shui” translate to “wind and water”.  The main function of the practice is to avoid blocking, and positively facilitate, the flow of “Chi.”  There is no direct English translation of Chi.  Consider it an invisible life force that runs through all living things, through the earth and the universe, too.  The idea is that when Chi flows smoothly, without obstruction, your life prospers.  Blocked Chi, on the other hand, results in stagnant energy.  Your life, in the area affected by the blockage, becomes stagnant and blocked too. What causes blocked Chi?  Well, it can be the “little things”, not just the blaringly obvious problems.  The following are “starter tips” for either the Art of Feng Shui or the Common Sense of Good Home Design.  Notice how they compliment and echo each other. 1. Clutter

  • Basic Feng Shui Principle – The starting point, before implementing any “Cure,” is to clear your clutter, because clutter blocks chi and causes it to become stagnant.
  • Common Sense Home Design Principle – Clear your clutter because you can’t find a damn thing.

2. Cleaning

  • Basic Feng Shui Principle – Incomplete projects, broken and/or useless items, dirt, dust, etc., all create stagnant Chi and produce an energy drain on your spirits.
  • Common Sense Home Design Principle – Clean for obvious reasons.  Undone chores and unfinished projects inevitably lead back to the first rule of clutter-clearing, in a maddeningly circular way.

3. Sharp Edges

  • Basic Feng Shui Principle – Sharp corners and angles create disruptive energy and rounded objects create harmony.
  • Common Sense Home Design Principle – Minding sharp edges and angles in favor of rounded corners, particularly with furniture, cuts down considerably on bruised body parts.

As a starting point, both disciplines advocate you clean your room, make repairs and finish/toss the projects before you buy a 50” flat screen to improve your life and sense of well-being.  How boring is that?  About the sharp corners and edges: this too, seems obvious.  Where’s the magic in the boring obvious?

Some say, “Magic does exist.”

There are those Feng Shui Cures that just seem odd, such as putting a tree in the far left corner of your office to increase your wealth.  There are some Feng Shui masters who believe that “cures” fall into two categories. 1.    Ru-shr – the logical reasonable and rational.  That which is within the range of our experience and knowledge.  These cures, it is said, are only 10% effective.  By the way, this opinion shouldn’t be construed as the “Then why bother?” clutter/housework loophole you were hoping for. 2.    Chu-shr – Mystical, magical, illogical, irrational.  A cure that is today’s science fiction, But  perhaps, tomorrow’s fact.  These are considered 110-120% effective. For the curious/adventurous, here are a few Chu-shr suggestions, that might well work…if you believe they will.

  • Goldfish represent wealth, fertility and overall good fortune…but don’t put the fish bowl in the kitchen or bedroom.
  • Water, in general, is synonymous with prosperity.  Water flowing in, such as a waterfall or fountain by the front door, will bring money flowing in too.  Water flowing out, and money is going down the drain.  Fix the leaky faucets and always keep the bathroom door(s) closed and the toilet lid down.
  • Speaking of front doors, paint yours red.  It will bring prosperity and influential friends.
  • A vase of white flowers on your desk while you work will help you concentrate and produce more creatively.
  • Pink sheets will enhance your love life.

You have to admit, these tips have a certain charm,

which may be part of the magic…

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