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Living Room Living #2: Make It Work

Is your living room under-lived in?

A great living space is a welcome promise of comfort, function and beauty.
By its nature, you are reassured that it’s good to be home.
 It’s in the details, all of them…


Conversation Areas Worth Talking About: If your living room has been loosely renamed The All In One Household Go-To Entertainment Center, then the key to success is to think functionally about what you’ll need for ease and convenience when arranging your furniture. Make sure you can sit comfortably while conversing with others.

Any room regardless of proper name has to be user friendly for the intended purpose. If you have to shout to make yourself heard because the seating arrangement is spread too far apart, or risk whiplash to crane your neck to look at whom you are speaking to, you have failed.

Start with the biggest piece, the sofa. Have two chairs flanking or opposing and a coffee table in the middle close enough for everyone to set drinks or food.  A sofa and a love seat at right angles and a chair or two opposite can work as well. Keeping the sofa and chairs within eight feet of each other is a good measure.  Allow 14” to 18” between the coffee table and the front of the sofa for easier access.

Chic and comfortable aren’t mutually exclusive concepts. Chic and comfortable can also be child friendly and pet-proof.  Lush, stylish fabrics are available in synthetics. Indoor/outdoor fabrics now offer beautiful options too. Another sure thing for easy mess clean-up are leather or vinyl, especially if you are using pale colors.

Don’t be stingy with comfort. One pair of sofa pillows looks underdone. Use two pairs. Here is an opportunity to mix in more texture and add color pops that are referenced in other areas in the room.

A large area rug and wiring for sound are extra credit pluses. Go for it all, but steer clear of formal/fussiness or no one will be comfortable.

Shed some light on your subjects. Put in extra outlets to ensure a mix of ceiling lights, table lamps and floor lamps. Think of using the lights in pairs too.

Why pairs? Because creating a well designed space combines balance and composition, as much as comfort and function.

Make this fact your mantra for every room in your home and you will soon find yourself living in your dream of a personal oasis.
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