Collaborative Consultations By The Hour

Is This You?


 – I’d love to talk to a designer but I don’t want to spend a fortune just to solve a few decorating issues.

 – I want to paint my home but I don’t know how to select colors I will love that are also fool-proof.

 – My home needs an overhaul but I feel overwhelmed; I don’t know what’s most important or what to do first.

 – How can I use the furnishings I already have to better advantage?

– I need new furniture. Is “reasonably priced high quality ” an oxymoron?


“There are thousands of people who just need a little help from an experienced friend.  They want  fast, smart and easy-to-execute answers to  questions like “How should I arrange the furniture?”, “Where do I go for a stylish but inexpensive sofa?” or “What color should I paint?”

They aren’t in the market for a “Designer Look” but want their look clarified and for their homes to reflect the best of their own version of “Designer Vision.”

 My assumption, based on experience, is that most people have better taste and more intuitive know-how than they believe they do. What’s missing is a means of organizing what’s important and what to do first.

There is no better way to do this but to talk to your own, dedicated  “Design Collaborator” to clarify the next steps and have those steps facilitated by an expert. “-

from About Collaborative Consultation: Interview with Cindy Bergersen”

I work with busy people like you who want their homes pulled together to look great and be comfortable. They know what they like but don’t have time or know where to start.
What separates my service from other designers is that I understand how to use the logic of design with any style or no style at all. It’s not about my style, but your style defined and made even better.
I can help you, help yourself to a beautiful home.
By the hour…no required service commitment….
By the way, if you’re ready to own beautiful fine furniture, my collaborative consultation services are complimentary through Stickley Audi, New York.
 For a detailed description of how it works and the many ways you will benefit:

Please visit:  About Collaborative Consultation: Interview with Cindy Bergersen

Would you like to know more? Call me and share your home design dilemmas.  Ask your most pressing questions and we’ll talk about solutions free of charge.
Cindy Bergersen
Designer: Collaborative Consultation
Author: Decoding Decor Design Reference Library
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