Furniture Arrangement #1: Form Follows Functions

The issue of how to arrange the furniture at home can be so baffling,

people often just give up and line the furniture along the walls.

What's wrong with this picture?
What's wrong with this picture?

Though this will cause a “doctor’s waiting room” effect,

the hope is that at least, somehow,  the room is more spacious looking,if not particularly functional.


Re-imagine the situation. Give your furniture something to do. Establish a goal for the function of your furniture in any room.

Otherwise, without an end result in mind,

you’re not accomplishing much besides storage.

Furniture arranging doesn’t have to be a guessing game resembling “pin the tail on the donkey”. Start with the concept of “form follows function” and begin to think through the purpose (or multi-purpose) of the room in question and what you would need to be comfortable.

Here’s a simple example of “thinking it through” for comfort and function:

Let’s say you would love a place to curl up with a good book…
You could start with a largish upholstered chair. Add an ottoman if you are more the “lounge” than “curl” type. Next, a good reading lamp is essential to avoid eyestrain. Standing floor lamps are great for task lighting here, without taking up much space. Or consider a lamp on a table. You’ll want at least a small table anyway, because you’ll need a place to set your drink, or anything else you’ll be using while you sit. Voila! This is a classic arrangement for comfort and convenience.

Whichever way you position your arrangement, it should look inviting. You don’t want to obstruct the entrance of your room with furniture. The traffic coming into the room should be able to flow around the area, and not through it, unless there is no alternative.

A word to the bruised: be mindful of any sharp corners on tables in areas people are likely to pass close by and move them from harm’s way. Better yet, use tables with rounded edges, or even round tables in these areas.

Next Time:

Furniture Arrangement  #2: Creating Conversation Areas Worth Talking About

Welcome Home!
Welcome Home!

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