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Why am I Writing About Design?


Hello and welcome to Decoding Decor. My name is Cindy Bergersen.

I’m writing about design because it means so much more than Decorating. 


Home means different things to different people.

But mostly, at the beginning and the end of each day, it’s home base…even if it happens to be a hotel room.

It can also be our private oasis.
It’s a matter of well being, well lived…


The best design creates rooms that speak, in a beautifully personal way, to those who live in them.

For over a decade, I’ve been writing about home design from the viewpoint of clear reasons, not half baked old conventions. Logic is the best basis for all the designs decisions needed to create your perfect space. One that specifically suits who you are and how you want to live the life you love

There is magic in the logic of design.


Meet Olivia…Home is where the heart is…

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