a design reference library dedicated to helping you, help yourself, to a more beautiful comfortable home

Dedicated to helping you help yourself to a more beautiful, comfortable home.

Here you will find the most reliable resources for understanding the “Whys” of great home design principles and “How-to” guides for easy-to-execute decisions that will be the best choices for any style of decor or budget.

Explore these articles and you’ll be prepped and excited to begin the adventure of designing and styling your home to suit you and your lifestyle perfectly.

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cluttered room in home

How To Make Your Remarkably Cluttered Home Look Lovelier

Have you noticed how home clutter tends to regenerate as if the “black arts” were involved? No, you aren’t hexed, but nothing will change without specific actions on your part. Once you take targeted action however, your cluttered home really can become much less so…all the way to tidy, organized and lovely. Read on: Easy, Organized Tidy is about to become your new norm.

loft with good furniture layout

How To Plan The Best Furniture Layouts For Every Room

Are you baffled about the best way to plan your furniture layout to look great AND be comfortable and convenient too? Did you know there are smart solutions even for those weird shaped rooms that don’t even seem meant to be lived in? Read on. This is how a great furniture layout can improve the quality of your life at home more than you imagined.

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