a design reference library dedicated to helping you, help yourself, to a more beautiful comfortable home

Dedicated to helping you help yourself to a more beautiful, comfortable home.

Here you will find the most reliable resources for understanding the “Whys” of great home design principles and “How-to” guides for easy-to-execute decisions that will be the best choices for any style of decor or budget.

Explore these articles and you’ll be prepped and excited to begin the adventure of designing and styling your home to suit you and your lifestyle perfectly.

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How To Know When You Have Overdecorated Your Rooms

It’s a significant clue that you have “over decorated your rooms” when you feel overwhelmed looking in from the doorway. There are also other ways “A Touch Too Much” will not be to your decorating advantage. There are several ways this can easily happen but the remedies offered here will delight and reward you with lovelier rooms. See where you may have over-done your home design and learn how less is so much more.

professionally designed closet

How To Declutter Your Closets And Seriously Improve Your Life

Is the prospect of decluttering your closets overwhelming? Take heart. Closet clutter, occurs less often because you are inherently messy and more often because the right storage types and spaces haven’t been designated. That, and you have to stop hoarding all the stuff you haven’t worn or used in years. This guide will help you “let go”, re-organize logically AND give you ideas for features that will help you look buttoned up and tidy, even on a bad day.

yellow upholstery fabric sofa

How To Select The Best Upholstery Fabric For Any Room

Selecting the best upholstery fabric for any room can be a challenge but it’s just as important as a full understanding of what constitutes fine quality upholstery construction and all the options in-between. You want characteristics not only of durability but also easy-care, good looks AND what looks good in your room design. Read on and find everything you need to know to make inspired choices when shopping for upholstered furniture fabric.

bold color wallpaper and velvet sofa

How To Select Wallpaper To Make Any Room Look Amazing

Using wallpaper in any room is the most immediate way and impactful way to introduce color, texture, sparkle and patterns. After years of white on white rooms or neutral interiors, wallpapers have been making a stunning return in popularity throughout the interior design world. With good reason too: they add a dimension and interest that you can’t get with paint. Learn everything you need to know for a more stunningly beautiful home here!

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