Hello and Welcome to Decoding decor!

My name is Cindy Bergersen and I’m here, as your dedicated Home Design Professor and Writer, to tell you how, step by step, to use Universal Design Principals logically. Follow along, and you will be able to create the home you have always wanted.

My Mission is to help you, help yourself to a more beautiful, comfortable home, without feeling confusion or overwhelm about where to start and how to proceed.

Is this you?

You want to paint…BUT you aren’t sure how to select colors you will love that are also fool-proof.

You’re happy with your furnishing…BUT you want to know how to arrange what you have into a better lay-out that’s both efficient and attractive.

You need a new sofa…BUT you aren’t sure “reasonably priced high quality ” isn’t an outdated oxymoron. How does one shop for good quality upholstery.

You know your home could have better lighting…BUT you don’t know how to assess various areas for the best lighting solutions.

You know your rooms don’t look great or function well…BUT you don’t know where to begin.

You have thought about hiring a designer…BUT you don’t want to invite a bigger project than you want or need with someone who might not quite get “You”.


Oh, and you would like fast, smart and easy-to-execute answers to any of the above and so many other assorted questions, please.

You have come to the right place: Decoding Decor has the answers you are looking for!

Comfy home design with big chair and cat
Olivia The Cat says “Hi”…Home is where the heart is.

Design means so much more than decorating. It’s a matter of your well being, well lived.

There is a reason why we say, “It’s so good to be home.”

The best home design creates rooms that speak, in a beautifully personal way, to those who live in them…

It’s an art form that feeds the soul in a practical every day kind of way.

Yet the process of designing and styling a home specific to one’s taste and needs is so baffling to most people that it often keeps them from considering much beyond a sofa, a flat screen TV and a bed. 

This makes me sad, really. 

While home means different things to different people, at the beginning and end of each day, it’s our own private oasis…and who doesn’t need one of those?

I have been in the home design business, one way or another since last century and have helped hundreds of clients to real home design satisfaction.

I’ve discovered first hand that most people have better taste and more intuitive know-how than they think.

In other words, you can do this in a wonderful way and well, though you may not know it yet.

This is how and why Decoding Decor came into being in 2009.

The principals of good design hold true regardless of the style and provenance of your home furnishings or the size of your budget.

these principals are universal…

Who is Decoding Decor for?

Decoding Decor is for anyone who wants their home pulled together to look great, be comfortable, and perfectly tailored to meet their needs and budget. 

Decoding Decor is for anyone who isn’t in the market for a “Designer Look” but want their look clarified and their homes to reflect the best of their own version of “Designer Vision.”

Here’s the good news

Once armed with actionable information, which is found here, at Decoding Decor, anyone will be able to proceed to design and style their homes, assured that their choices are the smartest and best solutions to make the most of every room and every situation.

This is you, isn’t it?

The Home Design Professor

An accidentally well designed resume prepared me to be here, fully educated, with decades of experience to offer as your best home design resource.

I have interior design degree from one of the US’s top design schools and years of hands-on design experience working with truly gifted designers in the field. 

I’ve been a design consultant for private clients for decades and I spent several years consulting for clients in high end furniture sales for well known retailers.

I also started writing about home design for various publications around the same time I began developing Decoding Decor in 2009. I’ve become known as a “Home Design Professor”.

Through years of practice, talking one-on-one to hundreds of retail and private clients, I came to understand that the key to helping them create wonderful rooms was to show them how to approach their project as they would a building construction.

As without, so within…

the best home design is logical and grounded by necessity in practicality.

The place to begin is with the foundations of your design scheme.

In other words, there is a logical way to hack the otherwise mysterious Home Design Code down to understandable building blocks using the Elements of Decor.

This is the magic in the logic of design


Cindy Bergersen is a professional design consultant turned full time writer about home design: what is it, how it works and how to make it work for anyone. 

Drawing on her years of private design consultation and experience working with the public to help retail clients solve their design dilemmas as well as writing about home design for various publication, she has become know as a “Home Design Professor”. She is both passionate and committed to sharing her experience and knowledge to help those who want to know how to make the most of their homes without feeling confusion or overwhelm about where to start and how to proceed.

She lives in New York City with Olivia, The Cat. When not blogging she can be found cycling though Central, Riverside and Hudson River Parks, watching way too much film or curled up on the sofa with a good book.