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The bed is the focal point of any bedroom…


Deal with it. With the evolution of a sleeping surface has come the development of better standards in bedding, along with the inevitable fashion statements of the era.

Regardless of your preferred style, don’t miss the opportunity to maximize impact with coordinated colors and rich textures to create an entire room composition.

Pillow Talk – There are variations on a theme here, but when in doubt, keep it simple.

  • Use two European pillows upright against the headboard or wall and stand two regular pillows upright in front of them. Add the two neck rolls or one lumbar pillow.
  • Use four regular pillows, two in two stacks, laying flat across the head of the bed. Use no other pillows.
  • Or, same pillow composition but all four standing upright against wall or headboard.
  • No headboard? Fake it. Stand two shams upright against the wall with one set or two sets of regular pillows laying flat in front. The sham fabric should be heavy so the shams stay propped up and robustly plump looking.

It Feels Like We’re Moving…Every Night. While a mix of interesting pillows on the bed is a wonderful final flourish, don’t be so enthusiastic about your stylish bedclothes that it takes you half an hour to take all the decorative pillows off.

Even a king size bed only needs three or four.

If you aren’t using a duvet, a throw across the bed can do wonders by adding texture and color to further develop your design scheme. It should be the full width of the bed and drape down at least a little bit on each side to avoid that overly casual “shmatte” look. The obvious advantage of convenient warmth when you want to cozy up with a book or watch TV is also a plus.

Bedtime Story. It’s fairly obvious that you will want to use the bedclothes as opportunities to reiterate the color scheme you have chosen for the rest of the room but…beware of making choices that are a little too interesting all together.

 A really loud color scheme will fail to convince that your bedroom is also your serene oasis for rest.

While you can mix florals with stripes or checks for example, use tones of the established color scheme and play up the accent colors.  You can also achieve a satisfying result if you pull in a range of neutral tones from light to dark and use all manner of fabric types ranging from burlap to silk and velvet.

It’s good to remember that while you can have anything, you can’t have everything….at least not all at once.

Why don’t you create a second set of bedclothes for a different season that speaks to a different mood and theme?

Rest Easy – A beautiful and comfortable bedroom that’s just your style is the best possible place to wake in. If you start each day feeling everything is right in your world, the rest (of your life) will look easier.

Carpe Diem!
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