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Bedclothes #1: Dressing The Stylish Bed

Make Your Bed And Lie In It

Thou shall not want for choice of sleeping surface these days, but how should the surface be dressed?


The value of underwear. What goes around comes around: maybe your Granny had a featherbed, lucky girl. They are back in vogue again for good reason. Relatively lightweight, these mattress toppers may be filled with synthetic or genuine down and do quite a lot to increase the comfort of any sleeping surface by providing extra cushioning. A further plus is their ability to regulate body temperature. They are warm in cold weather and cool when it’s hot.

Mattress pads are more than a suggestion, they are a great idea. They absorb all manner of bodily fluids, dust mites, dirt and spills and can be removed for easy laundry. They also aid the general comfort of the mattress. To cover all the bases, use a mattress pad over a feather bed and under your fitted sheet.

It looks like a decorator did this. You have undoubtedly mastered the basics of sheets, pillowcases, sleeping pillows and some sort of cover for warmth. If you really want to streamline your bedclothes, use only pillows, a bottom sheet and a covered duvet. Making a bed doesn’t get easier than that, although for some, the down comforter is too warm for sleeping comfort.

However, if you long for the “lux” of a really well made bed, dressing up your bed can be as simple as following a recipe.

Assemble your ingredients, and place them accordingly.

  • Dust skirt or for bed frames that expose the box spring, a box spring mattress cover.
  • Mattress pad and/or a feather bed and cover
  • Fitted and flat sheets
  • Your choices:
    1. A duvet and duvet cover. A light weight blanket on top of the sheet but under the duvet is optional but a possible choice for those who like to sleep light in the warmer months
    2. Combo or singles: blanket, quilt or coverlet
  • Two “European” 26” square pillow with shams (use three for a king size bed)
  • Two standard or king-size pillows (again, three standard pillows are a good idea for a king size bed)
  • Two neck rolls or one boudoir pillow

There are no surprises regarding the basics of putting on the dust skirt/box spring mattress cover to the bed and bottom sheet with the top sheet over all:

The confusion comes when it comes to tucking, folding and/or what to leave hanging.

  • Fold the top sheet back by several inches and over the blanket/quilt/coverlet if you are using one or two of these.
  • Tuck the sheet and blanket (if you are using one) in tight, but let the quilt or coverlet hang straight. Make sure it’s even and of equal length on both sides.
  • To add a duvet, fold it back to show the blanket or sheet.
And there you have it…except for styling….

Next time: Bedclothes #2: Just Another Fashion Opportunity

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