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Carpet Selection #1: Blast From The Past


From its origins in the 18th century,  broadloom carpeting defined luxury.


That was until the 1960’s and 1970’s, when it “pond hopped” here by popular demand. Its use spread like kudzu and the quality tanked to appease all price points.  It became cheap, because it was cheap…and looked it.

Try not to remember the shag carpeting of the 70’s, if you were around then.

As a result, its use has frequently been considered by some design snobs to be rather “suburban” at best…as if “suburban” were a bad and un-cool thing.  At best, broadloom carpet was relegated to the “for use only in bedrooms” category, if one must.

Recently however, as style trends rotate, wall-to-wall carpeting is being revisited and has returned in the most up-to-the minute designs and high quality.  It has always had built-in advantages:  it’s nice and warm underfoot and made more comfy with the requisite rug pad.  It’s great for family rooms too or anywhere the kids might want to play around and tumble.

For the most part, the obvious pluses that are true for rugs are also true for wall-to-wall carpeting, except more so. Like a rug, a carpet will add color and texture in a way that compliments the overall look and comfort in your home.  A carpet will also help “ground” the room and your furniture arrangements into a cohesive style statement .

On the extra credit side, wall-to-wall carpeting has a few tricks of its own to offer.  Where a rug will unify a grouping of furniture, wall-to-wall carpeting unifies a whole room. The unbroken expanse of pattern and/or color also seems to expand the size of a room visually.  It offers terrific sound absorption to boot.  This is a considerable boon in households with young children.  If all this weren’t enough, here’s the big bonus:

It’s the best solution for disguising floors that have seen better days, or floors that weren’t finished well to begin.

By the way, if you want all of these great characteristics AND you want to take it with you, have the rug cut to room size but short 6” on all sides of the room.  You will lose a bit of sound muffling because of the smaller size and a different type of rug pad needed. However,  the rug served this way, can be re-cut and the ends re-finished if and when you re-locate.

This is yet another reason to always buy the best quality your pocket book will handle.
It’s cheaper in the long run.


Next Time: Carpet Selection #2: Meet The Fibers

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