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suspended room...
suspended room…

 “It’s a small apartment. I’ve barely enough room to lay my hat and a few friends” – Dorothy Parker

The Small Home: Embrace Your Space



Always remember that Faux is French for Fake.

 Mixing Styles & Price #2: When Cheap Thrills Work


Mixing the Lux with the Lux has its place too...
Mixing the Lux with the Lux has its place too…

 Add a little glamour to modest surroundings and you’ll look like a genius.”

 Get Your Own Designer Look #3: It’s in the Mix


There are so many myths & phony design rules, that you can wind up half armed with too much information.

Then again, some “good ideas” are just bad ideas dressed up in enthusiasm.

  Bad Decorating: A Touch Too Much

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If you have been blessed by the housing gods with a large bathroom, don’t treat it like a rented utility at a Holiday Inn.

Luxury is convenience  spelled differently.

Bathrooms: Reno Or Refluff