Home Design Trends for 2011 #2: Time Travel & More

Time Warp




Or Time Travel


Mad Men have staked their territory at home. There is a definite 60’s vibe using the Jetsons as mascots of streamlined, Jet Age Design. Look for big blocks of colors like orange, mustard, teal, and wine reds, boomerang shapes, tapered legs and fringe “benefits” in assorted materials.

Still Like This Century? While one would be hard-pressed to describe Modern styling as warm and fuzzy, the contemporary take on a modern look is warmer and softer. The shapes are less hard-edged and further civilized with walnut veneers. It’s as though contemporary and traditional are beginning to merge into a new hybrid.

Speaking Of Tradition, How About Saville Row? It would be remiss not to point out that great clothing designers such as Ralph Lauren, Giorgio Armani are making an increasing larger impact in the world of interiors. We love these designers for the way they evoke entire lifestyles based on a sense of luxury and the well-lived life. Style is an attitude. It’s also implied by the use of traditional menswear fabrics all over the furniture. Look for leathers, flannels, tweeds, hound’s tooth checks in colors like camel, plum, black and cigar brown. The key words are elegance and permanence, perhaps a gentleman’s lounge from a different era. A gray flannel pinstriped chair could be in your future.


Exotica Via Accessories: Calling all world travelers: the booty from your travels will now fit in nicely with your overall home design. Been to India lately? Peacock, elephant and paisley motifs rendered in hot spicy colors rule. With all the tribal/cultural/native/migratory looks on display you will be hard pressed to narrow the field down to just a few stylistic choices. There are African and Moroccan influences, Native American and Western styles. The Russian steps and equestrian themes were represented too. Be awash in bright colors, flame-stitching, intricate patterns, chevrons, beads and shells. By the way, Greek key motifs are back.

Here are journeys to be experienced without jet-lag. Try to be moderate.

They Must Have Been Hungry At The Time. The green trend is literal. Fruits and vegetables rendered realistically to the point of precise scientific drawings. Not writ small either: big juicy fruits demanding attention not mousy little patterns modestly taking up space. The same is true for blooms: big and bold in eye-popping colors.

There is a lot of green color served up with the edibles and flora, as if one could possibly have missed the message we all need to remember to go Green.

Is There A Glamazon In The House? While the over-arching trend is for reclaimed and vintage, European and/or American, there is still room for a little glitz. Shiny, metallic finishes and accents, as well as glass used in a multitude of ways spell glamour in the furniture world. Lacquer was nowhere to be seen just a few seasons ago, but now it’s back in black…and every other deep strong color you might want. While great home design is often a mix of the lux, the low and the just plain odd, you will be best served with an appetizer size of glitter rather than an “all you can eat” extravaganza;

Traditional values being so big right now and all that…


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