Home Design Trends for 2011 #3: Colorways – In The Pink

“I ADORE that pink … it’s the navy blue of India.”

Diana Vreeland – 1962



In The (Honeysuckle) Pink


If a color can represent the mood you are in, then Pantone making their yearly pronouncement of the color of the year is also taking the pulse of the country too. Honeysuckle Pink is the big winner, which by another name might be called salmon, sort of. The national mood has apparently lightened up. Even though Pink is thought by some to be the national color of India (read into this what you will), it’s hard to think “Serious” when the color itself seems to be calling for Sugar Plum Fairies. Considering, the emotional whiplash caused by the global financial meltdown and consequent instability of the last few years,

Who could begrudge such a charming symbol of hope, sweetness and light?

Don’t Throw Out The Gray Sofa Yet. Despite the riots of colors seen with the International Traveler Drumbeat, the Bountiful Gardens themes or the high gloss of Glamazon Details, bear in mind that these were seen a suggestions for accessories, not a call to toss all, including caution to the winds. The idea is to pick a flavor or two for mixing with the foundations of your design scheme, be it Lux Grunge, Traditional leaning towards Gentleman’s Lounge or Soft Modern with a Jetson twist. Therefore, Pantone’s Pink would be the accent pop set in a neutral background, not a blip in a raging sea of color. Interiors might be rendered in a range of whites such as cream, eggshell, snow and vanilla but as backdrop for the pops of your choice.

Gray was used everywhere from leather, upholstery, painted wood finishes, as the most sophisticated neutral of choice. This is not a non-descript gray but warmed up with taupe undertones to be on the cutting edge between warm and cool.

Gray/brown/purple colorations were seen so frequently, the combination deserves a name of its own.

What’s Your Pleasure? Clearly there are many avenues to pursue to freshen up your home vista. Not unlike yourself, creating home that looks like you is never a done deal. Your preference may fall somewhere between “homiest” home to showstopper statement interior, but to truly be a home you love to live in, the idea is to let it grow and evolve overtime…. or at least look that way. This year’s style servings offer plenty of avenues to explore in pursuit of fuller expression of the home that says “You”.


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