Interior Design Case Study – Midtown Apartment Renovation

Once two small studios, this apartment was cobbled together in a jury-rigged way to create what would pass, in Realtor’s parlance, as a “two bedroom” dwelling, albeit poorly designed. A weird wall jog to create a tiny closet in the guest bedroom produced a hallway that narrowed to just 39″. Overall, there was no storage space and few closets, a tired looking dark kitchen, damages to the wood floors along with an indifferent stain color, overlarge fixtures in the bathrooms in conjunction to ugly wall and floor tiles. All the furniture needed an upgrade too.

Every issue was addressed with spectacular results. Some of the improvements included blowing out the hall wall and  designing the 11.5′ wall storage unit. The closet in the office/guest room was moved and a matching closet was created. Doorways for the bedrooms were enlarged to accommodate double doors. Both bathrooms were gutted. New smaller fixtures were added. Lovely wall and floor tiles were installed. The kitchen cabinet doors were replaced.  New counter tops, back splash tile, and under counter lighting made the kitchen look better than ever. New flooring was installed throughout and of course, beautiful paint colors to coordinate with the new furnishings.

By the way, the apartment was recently put on the market and sold within one week for a huge profit. Upgrading your home can offer more benefits than comfort!

Hallway Before:

resized cathy hall


Hall Way After:

cathy Hall resized


Dining Room Before:


Dining Room After:

Dining Room After:


Office/Guest Room Before:

Office/Guest Room Before:

Office/Guest Room After:

Kitchen Before:

Kitchen After:

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