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Home Staging #4: Can You Leave Home Without It?

What Have You Been Thinking?

Do you believe listing your property, as is, will have it sold quickly?

Do you still believe in magic, too?


It’s very competitive out there. You need all the edge you can muster. You can’t just put a “For Sale” sign on the front door and keep your fingers crossed. You need to show your home to best advantage. This is where Home Staging comes to the rescue.

Are You Camera Ready? Did you know that 84% of prospective buyers go on-line to pre-shop for properties before setting out to view them in person? The most beautifully photographed properties are obviously going to be more attractive to everyone. The home that is staged will look best of all.

It has to be “love at first sight” or else.  As far as your prospective buyer is concerned, that first viewing won’t be about “getting to know you” but rather “first impressions are everything” and you only have one shot.

The same effect is true for home appraisals. Stage it first, and your appraiser will more likely view your home as “better quality” than would have been the case if seen before you “spiffed it up”.

What Do You Mean By “Staging”? The official definition of Real Estate Staging is the process of prepping and showcasing properties for sale. The methodology required is knowledge of the real estate market, appropriate renovation as required and creative design principles to attract a buyer in the most timely and cost effective way. The application, wherever necessary, is to edit, clear out, clean deeply, update and repair. The “Stage” is now ready to be set by arranging furniture, accessories, lighting and art to showcase the rooms to best advantage and illustrate how one might live well in each room.

Staging is not the same as interior design. Though both practices rely on the discipline of the same design principals, the choices are more personalized for the interior design client, while the viewpoint and goal with staging, is to think “ beautifully anonymous.”

 In reality, effective home staging is an art form.

The idea is to create an image of a beautiful home in such a way that a prospective buyer can see themselves living there. The rudiments of good interior styling plus a flair for making a room attractive without a personal stamp are key. Like reading a great book, the viewer’s imagination paints a picture of themselves in the attractive surroundings that could be theirs.

The Pros Know. A professional home stager has “designer vision” and can recognize improvements that could work wonders with little effort, time or money.  A professional knows where to shop for small upgrades and also has access to furniture and accessories for lease to stage an empty house if that’s your case. In short, a pro can get the job done in record time in the most cost effective way

Staging is the greatest marketing tool available to sell your home quickly and for the highest price.


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