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Seasonal Decorating #2: Spring Wear

Primavera: Allegory of Spring

 “Say It With Flowers” is an Uber Understatement


Still, honoring the arrival of spring can be more than the evident spring in your step. In the same way you distinguish between your cold weather wardrobe and warm weather clothes, consider where a “seasonal wardrobe” for your home furnishings and accessories can breathe new life into a stale winter environment.

There are a couple of points of view worth considering:
  • You can Sing Spring with delicate water colors and soft fabrics.
  • OR….Let it be Silly Season with those outrageous colors you have secretly coveted but were afraid to use.

Let me count the ways:

:Slipcovers for the upholstered furniture are an inspired idea.  They can be removed for dry cleaning when necessary and offer opportunity for seasonal variety.

  • Switch out the bedclothes.  A different set of sheets, shams, pillowcases, blankets, bed spreads and/or duvet covers will give you the look of a redecorated bedroom, instantly.
  • Don’t overlook the effect of switching out the pillows on chairs and sofas too.  This goes for the throws and blankets that may be in use as well.  These small changes in color and texture make a notable difference.
  • Speaking of “throws”: throw rugs in certain areas can easily be replaced with inexpensive, light-weight cotton dhurries.  Stripes always look fresh and add punch.
  • Some of your window dressings can be switched out for lighter sheers or taken down completely this time of year.
  • Rotate your artwork and wall hangings. They have a big effect on setting the tone on your environment.  It’s a good time to lighten up and create a more playful “point of view”.

Meet Your Greens:

  • Nature is bountiful now so there is no excuse for not treating yourself well, and often. A gorgeous bouquet of flowers is always delightful, but don’t forget that using big leaves and fronds by themselves in glass vases can also be a striking arrangement. An additional perk this time of year is the availability of lemons or seasonal fruits to fill big bowls.  Your rooms will be scented in a wonderful way.
  • If you have abundant space and light, indoor trees are a wonder both for architectural effect and sheer beauty. Some flowering trees supply “scent opportunities” as well.
  • Terrariums and their distant cousins, Bonsai, are charming any time of year. A tiny little garden at your fingertips is particularly uplifting when the Winter Doldrums settle in.

Whether you choose vases of flowers or the drama of the gifted tree, don’t lose sight of the principles of balance and scale.

 A dinky waist high tree in a big corner looks silly.


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Photo: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Primavera_(painting)