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Lighting Your Art #3: Think Like A Lighting Master

Though there are several goals to juggle and balance

in the pursuit of a lighting scheme to showcase art…

You need not be a certified wizard.


Think discreet but effective. The masters apply their trade tricks so skillfully that for the most part, one wouldn’t notice the slight but critical differences in either the direction or even type of lighting used, all without being intrusive.

Be mindful to avoid casting too much light, as glare will overwhelm any artistic details.. The additional layer of concern for the homeowner is to be sure the solutions are unobtrusive enough so as not to distract from the overall décor of a room.

Speaking of glare, the trick to managing it is to simply shift the light so it hits the intended surface at a thirty-degree angle. For pieces with large frames, add five degrees to avoid casting a shadow off the frame. With a flat frameless canvas use a twenty-five degree angle.

All light, be it natural or artificial, is damaging to works of art as well as antiques over time. For this reason, be especially careful not to shine a bright light of any kind directly onto artwork, especially works on paper. Rotate your pieces to avoid long periods of display under light.

Given all the available options, gather as much information as you can from your local lighting dealers. If possible, scout out the in-house expert to help you make your way to the best selections and installation.

Great home design is a combination of many factors to be assessed and addressed in the most appropriate way to form a cohesive over-all impression of beauty and comfort. Not the least of which is the importance of a well-planned lighting design for every room of your home. A sophisticated, well-designed lighting scheme looks as if an artist has painted with light, creating peaks and valleys of light and shadow that cause the illusion of movement.

In the same manner, your artwork deserves so be shown, literally in the best light.

You will be richly rewarded with the satisfaction of living in a home that’s wonderfully designed in every way.

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