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Seasonal Decorating #1: Spring Break

Are you overdue for Spring Cleaning?
Are you overdue for Spring Cleaning?

Urban Renewal Starts At Home


The “Rites of Spring” originated as Pagan rituals to celebrate delivery from the lethargy of winter, returning warmth and the start of the planting season.

It’s a time of new beginnings. Undoubtedly, the notion of Spring Cleaning as an annual event developed as part of the preparation for the festivities. You will find that switching out, throwing out and refurbishing the re-usable is a terrific low cost way to further lift your spirits.

It should be noted however that Spring Cleaning entails more than just mopping behind the sofa. It’s odd how all those little piles of “things” tend to move from place to place around a room without actually decreasing in size…but there you have it.

 It’s time to address the real issue. This persistent “clutter problem” happens less often because you are inherently a slob, but more often because no space has been designated for the things you want and need.

Edit ruthlessly.  The ancient/broken/non-relevant items should be weeded out and banished.  This means extra, unloved furniture too. Though this de-cluttering and “has been” removal may be a sizeable chore, it will do wonders for improving your general frame of mind.

In your quest to clear out the old and de-clutter the rest, ask yourself if that “extra unloved furniture” can be used a new way.  Count it live in a new place if repaired, repainted or re-covered.

What about that old chest?  Could it be refinished or painted to make an interesting coffee table that also provides storage?

That odd wooden chair is remarkable because of its architectural shape.  It could be used as an attractive bookstand. Collections of items such as hats, plates, baskets or dolls etc. can make appealing wall art.  Be inventive.  Here is an opportunity to see the world and the objects in it from a fresh perspective. Old becomes new with a different attitude, and perhaps a coat of paint.

Speaking of paint, it’s amazing what white paint can do for a battered object. The dings and imperfections seem to disappear.  All you notice is the shape.

If you are looking to freshen up a “summer home”, or just your one and only home, the power of paint for walls and floors is magic.  Clear colors in shades of pink, blue, chartreuse and yellow say “Sunny Day”.  Don’t neglect to make color sample boards or at the very least, paint big swatches on the walls, before you commit.  Clear colors, though invigorating, can be overwhelming if too bright and perky.  If you have maintained white floors up until now, consider indigo blue this year instead.  It reminds one of deep water and all the pleasures associated with summer by the sea.

Next Time: Seasonal Decorating #2: Spring Wear

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