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Flowers & Trees At Home #1: Say It With Flowers


 Nothing completes the picture of “Home”

like flowers and greenery indoors.

Fresh cut flowers provide beautiful eye-catching focal points. Our potted green friends create a more relaxing ambiance, along with added health benefits too. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and release fresh oxygen.  This equals “a breath of fresh air” in the house.

However, as with every other aspect of home design, you have to make intelligent decisions rather than haphazard gestures.

Case in point: A half-dozen (or more!) teeny pots with half dead plants are not a good look under any circumstance.
Make sure it doesn’t “happen” by accident.

If you are so lucky as to have a garden, you can cut and plop your picks directly into an attractive leak-proof vessel, just as the English do. It’s best to cut right at the joint of the stem you want and the main stem or branch.  Cut the stems again before putting them in water on an angle.  Split the ends so the water travels upward easier.  You’ll keep your flowers fresher for longer, if you re-trim the stem ends every couple of days.

Meet your greens: A very easy but very effective way to dress a table, console or mantle, is to use one or three big “elephant” leaves, big fern fronds, or sizable clusters of magnolia branches in large glass vases.

These “greens” look great in modern or traditional settings.  Another winner if you have the space, is to use cut branches from flowering trees such as dogwood and cherry, or shrubs such as forsythia.  Make sure the container is big enough in scale to balance the size of your branches so that they don’t look “top heavy”.  Though they are harder to track down, it’s worth the effort because they “keep” longer and add a lot of “wow!” wherever used.

Those of you with black thumbs, lack of interest or no dirt to call your own, are probably already friendly with your local florist.

Some neighborhood markets will feature dazzling displays of blooms too.  Of course, the trimming suggestion applies here as well.

However you acquire nature’s bounty, be mindful of which colors will work best  to enhance the room where they will live.

That said, it’s hard to go wrong with white flowers.

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