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There is magic in the logic of design…  

Learn to really see what you are looking at.


The basic principals of good design hold true regardless of the style and provenance of your home furnishings. Whether you have inherited family furniture, purchased another family’s antiques at auction or owe your unique style to Good Will, you still need a functioning furniture arrangement that suits the way you live, hopefully anchored around a focal point.

My assumption, based on experience, is that most people have better taste and more intuitive know-how than they think they do.

The Decoding Decor Design Reference Library has been developed as an on-line resource to help you understand design as a logical framework so you can make confident choices as you set out on the adventure of creating the home you’ve always wanted.

I believe that the building blocks of great design can be codified, then hacked. This clarified breakdown will give you an easy-to-execute set of  home design principles that will apply to any style of decor or size of budget.

At last, Decor Decoded into useable data…

The content for the library has been published in both online and print journals including www.Hamptons.com and Dan’s Papers, Southampton, NY. and is frequently updated with the last word on any given topic.

In 2010, DecodingDecor.com was awarded a $1000 cash prize and chosen as one of four Demand Media Contributor Award winners designated as “Editor’s Favorite’s for Best Content”.

The library continues to grow with more topics, more tips, more “insider design knowledge” and more in-depth views on how home design styles morph to fit the culture of the day.

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