How To Update Your Tired Decor To Look Great

It’s time to update your tired decor, BUT…
Are you baffled about what to do or what to do first? Is it possible to just “spruce up the joint” without a major overhaul? Can “sprucing up” be done on a budget too? Absolutely ! Learn how to really see what you’re looking at to make your best and smartest decisions.

No home design in a bombed out room

Don’t we all “overlook” whatever it is that we don’t want to deal with right now?

See what you are looking at 

Entropy is relentless

Where do you start to update any room?

The first question to ask is “How do you actually live there?”

Approaching an effective update, room by room, is a matter of mindset. How do you think of your home?

The WAY you think of your home is HOW you will live there.

1. Do you think of your home as a convenient “land and launch pad”?

You aren’t there much…other than to “rinse, rest, prep and run” to meet the next day and/or the next adventure.

  • If so, what easy and quick solutions will help you to use your space for greater convenience and efficiently whenever you are there? Edit, simplify, re-organize is your mantra.

2. Do you think of your home as your oasis/sanctuary?

You’ve worked hard and given your ALL to every interaction and every occasion. HOME is where you recharge, regroup and relax.

  • If so, what could you add for a feeling of more luxury and comfort? Upgraded-to-wonderful new upholstered furniture? How about that free-standing soaking tub for the best bubble bath ever? You’ve earned it.

3. Do you think of your home as your castle and all the points above too?

Home to you, is an open house to share all the frills of a good life. It’s where you love to be with your friends and loved ones, telling the stories of your lives, day by day. It’s the best place on earth to share meals, entertainment and All. The. Things.

  • Your home is so well appointed with everything you want and need for comfort and convenience readily at hand. But take a good look, is it time to edit what you are no longer using?
  • Your home is no doubt beautiful. It’s just your style, designed to your taste and DONE. Consider though, that your discerning taste has continued to evolve over time. Take a minute and a fresh look at the details of your rooms. Do you still love the look? To put it another way; do you remain a Swagged Curtain kind of person, or is a Style Refresh in order to reflect how your great taste has grown?

4. Do you live alone?

Erase the “it’s just me” mindset.

SPOIL YOURSELF. You know better than anyone what what you would love to come home to ….and you don’t have to get agreement or ask permission. from anyone.

black writing book
Dream a little too

ask yourself how you want to live

Your home is all about you, specifically. When you are clear about how you think of your home and how you really live there, you can drill down deeper into that framework.

  • What are your habits and preferences?
  • How well are they supported by the existing conditions in all your rooms?
  • What could be addressed so your habits and preferences are better supported and whatever you want to do at home is made easier and faster?

Living well means more than a decor update

It means tailoring your chosen environment to suit your lifestyle, your personality, your tastes and of course, your budget.

It can’t get more personal than this.

list on grid paper, hand holding pen
Planning works better out of your head and onto a list.

Make a list

Write down all the problems or issues that don’t work at all or simply don’t work for you. Then sort the list in order of the most glaring examples of “No longer acceptable.”

decide what to attend to first, later or not at all

You might have:

  • A this-is-so-easy-I-can’t-say-no list.
  • A too-unacceptable-to-put-off-any-longer list.
  • A later list.
  • A magic fairy wish list. You never know.

This is key to getting clear on how far you want to take your “sprucing up”.

Save yourself some time

  • Forget about major renovations if you are planning to move within the next year or so.
  • Equally, you won’t need to do much with the kitchen if all you make for meals are reservations and calls for take-out delivery orders.

can I update my decor on a budget? Yes!

Updating your decor can be as easy as painting the walls. This might be your finishing touch or all you need/want to do for now.

A fresh coat of paint does wonders to give a new lease on looks in the most cost effective way possible.

BONUS: the right paint color will raise your spirits every time you walk through the front door.

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A little judicious editing makes it easier to find ANYTHING. By all means, don’t hold back.

Before you update the decor in any room

Clear, edit and organize first. Whatever actions this entails will result in an immediate sense of well-being. This is true for even the tidiest among us. Living with disorganized, old, un-used stuff/clutter is actually very stressful. If your rooms are looking BLAH, part of your update will undoubtedly benefit from this first step.

1. Are your rooms best described as Over-Large Junk Drawers?

“A place for everything and everything in its place” is a great slogan for clutter free living. However, this ideal state rarely happens naturally. 

You have to do something…

In truth, The Clutter Problem happens less often because you are inherently disorganized and more often because no space has been designated for the things you want and need.

Head over here for help to either clear out OR make the most of your mess.

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update decor when sofa too big for room
Even just a sofa can be too much furniture in a room, for obvious reasons

2. Does it seem very crowded in any of your rooms?

Edit ruthlessly. There is no point in trying to arrange your furniture better while you’re still tripping over the stuff you should get rid of.

Rooms with too much furniture and “stuff” feel crowded because they are.

Upon closer observation, are your…

  • End tables too small?
  • Coffee tables too low/too big/too ugly?
  • Chairs so old they are lumpy, uncomfortable AND unattractive?

Don’t overlook the “Slackers”. These are those odd, seldom used items that provide no accent, interest or sentimental value. 

They have to go. Now.

Floor plan/furniture arrangement-updating decor
There are so many on-line floor planners available. They make furniture lay-out very easy.

Is your furniture arrangement non-functioning?

Once you have edited, cleared out, thrown out or donated all the stuff that is questionable, you’re ready to address the basics, better. Does your furniture arrangement actually work to your advantage?

A good furniture layout that supports how you use your rooms, will improve your life at no cost.

Ask yourself, “How does this work here, or not?” Think through what you’ll need for comfort, practicality and attractiveness.

Case in point: If you want to talk with someone, besides yourself, you’ll want a conversation area.

Whether sitting alone, tête-à-tête or hosting a large gaggle of Party People, comfortable seating is a must.

  • The seating should be close enough to speak without raising your voice or craning your neck.
  • Make sure you have convenient surfaces (coffee/end tables, etc.) to set down drinks or food. Make sure those surfaces are no more that 16″-18″ from your seat.

Pet Peeve: Those landmass coffee tables, located like desert islands between facing sofas, are not convenient for anything.

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old broken sofa; time to update decor
It’s good to know when to let go

Does the furniture itself look “tired”?

Are the upholstered pieces still serviceable? Or do they need to be slipcovered, reupholstered or simply thrown out and replaced? If so, shop around carefully. Unfortunately, good workmanship for slipcovering or reupholstery can be almost as expensive as new well-made furniture.

If you decide to spring for new well-made upholstered pieces BUT they will last longer, age better, give you the most comfort AND the most bang for the bucks.

Either way, neither new nor refurbished good upholstery is inexpensive.

Does any of your other furniture look a tiny bit ratty?

If you are the do-it-yourself type, would a coat of paint help? Sometimes draping a table with fabric that coordinates with the other furnishings can work wonders too.

However, if you’ve been hauling around those milk-crates-for-end-tables since college…it’s time for an upgrade.

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single light at a desk in dark room
An invitation to eyestrain AND a depressing desk area

Is it dark in there?

Rooms without enough light are depressing. Most of us, for lack of a better experience, “under-light” our homes with either too few light sources, or even worse, “over-light” a room with a couple of light sources at very high wattage.

What you want is a range of lighting options that meet your needs for the tasks at hand AND fill your rooms with light, without dark corners.

The overall effect will be welcoming, comfortable, interesting and beautiful.

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sheer curtains at window
Lovely sheers are just enough to diffuse light and lend privacy

Do you have a room with a view?

Or a view of security bars and a brick wall?

Great windows with a wonderful view need no decoration. However, most windows need some sort of covering, if only for privacy or to block out sunlight.

One advantage of drapery is that it can add softness, color and texture to a room. AND can also camouflage “unfortunate” architecture as needed.

You have a lot of other options. Along with drapery, there also are blinds, shutters and roller shades too.

If the view is debatable AND you don’t need the window as a light source, large pieces of art or over-sized screens come in very handy.

gilt furniture in period room

How do you update your decor with a “Designer Look“?

It seems that most people secretly want a “designer look” without actually hiring one. Does this stem from some creepy internal fear that your own taste and common sense will somehow fall short and flat.

IN TRUTH, as a design consultant privately and in the high-end retail furniture business for many years, it’s been my experience that people usually have much better taste and more intuitive know-how than they think they do.

what is a “designer look”, Actually?

It looks like a “Pro” was here because:

  • The room has a “Pulled Together” look.
  • Everything looks “Considered and Coordinated“.

Great Home Design isn’t a random accident.

That “pulled together” quality comes from an astute assessment of what’s needed and what’s not. This assessment is teamed with an understanding of how each thing contributes to the Big Picture in a “considered and coordinated way”.

Home design is the most layered and complicated of all art forms. It’s all about creating beauty, comfort, efficiency and pizzazz, with a minimum of the stuff in-between.

The best home design is also rooted by necessity in practical application.

A major DESIGNER STATEMENT is not required to live well.

what isn’t often mentioned about “Designer Looks”

When a very good designer works with you, the end result should be the description of a “Designer Look” as given above. Of course.

BUT, this “look” shouldn’t be all about “the designer’s style”, UNLESS you specifically paid for exactly that.

updating your decor Can be fun

Listing and executing removals, repairs and replacements is crucial, but not exactly the FUN part. However, once you move into making a do-able game plan, you might be happily surprised to find a little excitement brewing about the new upgrades and possibilities.

This could be a great opportunity to dream a little. What special additions or “shiny new things” would you love to have?

And there you have it

Clear, reality based questions are fundamental to your success. They are the basis for an organized plan of attack to update your rooms in the best and smartest ways to give you a home you love to come home to.

Along with a budget and a time-line for completion, your spirits are guaranteed to rise right along with your standard of living.

You can do this…..

The original version of this article was published in the Rooms With a View, lifestyle section on, Summer, 2008.

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It’s time to update your tired decor, BUT…
Are you baffled about what to do or what to do first? Is it possible to just “spruce up the joint” without a major overhaul? Can “sprucing up” be done on a budget too? Absolutely ! Learn how to really see what you’re looking at to make your best and smartest decisions.

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