Wall Color Selection #5: Special Effects of White

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Designed by Jennifer Post, New York

“White is very difficult.  It’s too strong.

Use it only for extraordinary accents.”

Philip Johnson, Architect

Selecting the perfect wall color can be daunting. Even trained professionals have moments of doubt. Have no doubt however, that making a white room work well will require discipline and a lot of informed choices.

The previous four posts and this one have been explorations of generalized known responses to colors based on research and word association studies. The goal is to give you another tool to help you cue up which colors will best serve your purposes per room.

Has the best been saved for last? Some would say “yes”. Others would say “not so much” because by now, it should be clear that there is no color you can choose that won’t have a significant effect on your environment, your mood and ultimately your sense of well-being.

This means that you can’t get away with “Landlord White” as a default position, because you can’t commit to a “real color”.

Choosing white is a decision, not a “time-out”. According to studies, White is associated with purity, immaculate cleanliness and a neutral state. Assuming virginity, brides wear white gowns. Doctors assume more authority and knowledge when wearing white coats. It represents a fresh new beginning.

Because it symbolizes purity in thought and deed, White is a color with some baggage and a reputation

A white room is the most demanding esthetically. Everything is more noticeable. A white room, “done right in white” is a kind of meditation. All white objects reveal their true shape in bold relief, while the color of any object becomes more intense.

How many shades of white? Which white where? These burning questions and others will be answered next post.

Next Time: Wall Color Selection #6: Ten Thousand Whites

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