Window Treatments #2: A Little Something At The Windows

window swag

Great window dressing can take a room from Generic to Gorgeous, without further ado.


It’s the fast track to supporting a pulled together look. Obviously, you will want to make your choices in keeping with the style and ambiance you wish to create. You have a lot of options, but beware of too much of a good thing.

Overdone, your Drapery Solution can easily become the Drama Queen of the room.

Blown Out Of Proportion: A small room can look overwhelmed by too much at the windows. The same is true for a large room with many windows. The best solution is often achieved with minimal gestures. Panels with rings on a pole is a classic solution for a reason.

What about drapery with swags, valances, cornices, lambrequins and on and on? They have their place, but be careful. Think in terms of “how does this help? Valances, for example, are helpful to re-proportion awkward windows, disguise strange wall jogs, and even to create a bridge between two widths of fabric, when the fabric is a contrasting color to the walls.

Classic and understated are good adjectives to fly with.

Made-to-order window treatments are expensive, but if your budget allows, can be the best solution. With custom fabric selection, you can choose colors and textures to complement the room design with more precision than “off the rack,” as well as attend to repairing the various shortcomings of the window and/or wall in a more customized way.

Out of the box. Many companies are offering beautiful ready-made draperies that can be a good solution if your needs aren’t complex.  If the only length available is too long, take the drapery to a tailor. Hang a panel to measure and give him the “the finished length”.

By the way, did you know that “Curtains” and “Drapery” are not two words for the same thing? Drapery refers to loosely hung fabric that can cover an entire window or extend floor to ceiling and/or wall-to-wall. Curtains are placed within the window frame. As such, sash or café type curtains offer defused light, some privacy vision and can be used with drapery for a richly layered as well as practical look.  

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